A downloadable game for Windows

Entry for the #CGAJam game jam , restricting the use of color to one of two four-color palettes.

A Western Turn-Based Tactical Reverse Tower Defense totally not born from a desperate need to finish a game jam with little time and less sleep after multiple setbacks (screw-ups) . *

No HP. Getting shot will often severely injure or even kill you. It only takes one bullet.


  • Right-Click to move and attack.
  • Left-Click for character or tile information.
  • [Space] to end turn.
  • [R] to reload.
  • WASD or Arrow Keys move the camera, when the camera lock icon isn't present in the top-right corner of the screen.
  • [-] [+]  allows you to iterate through all characters on the board.
  • Holding [Tab]  shows the turn order and dead.
  • [F]  toggles  full screen mode
  • [Escape]  exits the game.

Enemy design and load outs are randomized each play through.  Wyatt's weapon is also randomized.

WeaponRangeAmmo Capacity
Bowie Knife

You can reload at any point after using at least one round. It sacrifices the rest of your turn. If you run out of ammo, you automatically switch to your Bowie knife for melee combat.

InjuredWill either reduce accuracy or subtract an action point.
CrippledReduces move range by 1-4.
BleedingCharacter has 1-6 rounds, until they bleed out and die.
DeadNo coming back from this. Death from a single bullet is not uncommon.

We lost a chunk of work two days before the submit date, so we've had to cut a few basics out that we haven't been able to reintegrate, like turn ending, the camera is a little jerky, some AI, issues, warrants, descriptions, etc. This semi-broke our interface and introduced a couple extra bugs resulting from partially missing code. Sorry about that. We'll update this after the #cgajam is over and get everything working again.

More details soon.

Install instructions

Extract the stand-alone executable.


TTactics v0164.zip - Current Version 2 MB
TTactics v0059.zip - CGA Entry Version 2 MB

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