Systemic Difficulty < Functional Challenge

So neither myself or any of the play testers have had any luck killing off all of the enemies at this point. It would probably require a pretty improbable series of good rolls, which is unfortunate, but not unexpected. I decided to forego version control on this project because I'd intended to knock out a simpler system in a storm of ugly, quickly spewed spaghetti code, add Basil's (@GKN109) graphics, and submit the entry with a few days to spare. That was a terrible idea.

When I began to really enjoy working on the game that started to emerge, I should have created a repository and worked from it immediately, if not straight from the start. It took a enough will power to resist the urge to go back and refactor the resulting mess of code due to game jam time constraints, and since the game was a one-off,  I decided not to bother. Ugh.

One of the lost features was the ability to take cover behind semi-solid, collisionable objects. Barrels, sandbags, etc. They obstruct navigation, but not projectiles. Instead, projectiles have a chance of passing by the cover object when collision occurs, depending on the originating direction of the projectile, relative to the position of the character taking cover "behind" it and the specific cover object itself (short stack of sandbags provide less cover than a barrel).

With careful use of cover, you should be able to reduce the likelihood of being shot drastically and steadily progress through the level. I'll rewrite that for the post-jam version, but for now, good luck.

Additionally, we wanted to add elevation to extend firing range, allowing for superior positioning to provide a strong advantage, but that never made it in. Maybe next version, after the bug hunt.


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Jun 14, 2017

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