(Exceptionally broken at the moment. See notes below.)

Your nomadic tribe has been driven into a land universally avoided by sentient beings for as long as recorded history recalls. After the uneventful process of settling into an area lush with resources and unusual but delicious creatures, it abruptly becomes clear that your presence has disrupted a delicately balanced food chain.  


Movement: [WASD] + Arrow Keys.

Weapon Swap: [1, 2, 3] & mouse wheel.

Primary Attack: Left mouse-button.

Weapon Charge:  Right mouse-button.

Inventory/Pause: [Space] & [P] (though inventory is entirely useless at the moment).


Weapon DPS Range Targets
Knife High Short Multiple

The hunting knife's short range and lack of crowd-control make it a difficult and risky weapon, but it's speed, bleeding chance, and rapid attack-chain damage are worth the trouble for the aggressive, but cautious player.

Spear Medium Medium Multiple*
The spear is your primary means of defense. It's range, knockback, stun-effect chance, and reasonable damage allow you to keep groups of enemies at bay. Throwing the spear enables the player to do extremely high damage with significant knockback and stun-effect at the cost of their only defense.
Note: Lost spears can be retrieved at the camp fire.
Bow Low High Single*
Despite it's lower DPS, the bow's rate of fire and range will appeal to players who would rather keep enemies at maximum distance. Its weapon-charged attack will pierce multiple enemies, depending on charge.

Game loss conditions: Player death, tribe chieftain death.

Note: This current build is extremely lacking. We had a lot of fun working on a Lowrezjam submission, but tragedy struck and swatted our efforts down into a land of backed-up toilets. Thanks to the kindness of Jack Oatley, the gamejam's host, we were able to squeeze our submission in. Barely.

The majority of the mechanics are gone, until I'm able to recover or rebuild them. What's left is a caffeine-fueled, desperate effort to cobble together something nearly functional from the remaining fragments.

Missing are: 

  • Animals/food chain.
  • Resources & your ability to apply the to the progression and strength of your tribe.
  • The boss fight.
  • A few secrets that are still present, but hidden until the relevant components are restored.
  • Friggin' balance. This is super unbalanced right now.
  • Gamepad support.
  • Most of the VFX.
  • ALL of the sound.
  • Hours of sleep I gave up to make this compile.

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